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Chicago Lupus Database (CLD)

What is the Chicago Lupus Database (CLD)?

CLD is a lupus registry maintained at Northwestern University.  The purpose of the registry is to establish a database of individuals with lupus who are willing to be contacted about future lupus research studies for which they might be eligible.

Who is eligible to participate?

Men and women with either a probable or definite lupus diagnosis can sign up for CLD.  You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Why should people with lupus participate in research?

Lupus research is necessary in order to improve what doctors know about the disease.  Most of the recent advances that have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of lupus have come from research studies.

What are the CLD research studies like?

CLD participants can enroll in any number of research studies designed to help us learn more about lupus. Recent projects have included work in the following areas:

  • Heart and Bone Disease Risk in Lupus Patients

  • Genetic Risk Factors for Lupus

  • Pregnancy Outcomes for Women with Lupus

  • Lupus and End-Stage Renal Disease

  • Follow-Up of Newly-Diagnosed Patients with Lupus

How do I join?

To enroll in CLD, you must sign a consent form and medical record release form so that we can look at your medical records.  We need this to get more details about your lupus diagnosis.  We will ask you for some general demographic information about yourself so that we can figure out which studies you might be eligible for.

What happens after I join?

Once we get a good idea of your lupus history, we will contact you whenever we have a research study that you might be eligible for.  We will never enroll you in a research study without explaining the study to you first and getting your written consent.  Each year, we will also send you a copy of our newsletter so that you get regular updates on our research projects.

Do I have to get my regular medical care at Northwestern in order to participate in CLD?

No.  Many of our research patients receive their regular medical care outside of Northwestern.  When you join CLD, we will ask you to sign a medical record release form so that we access records from clinics and hospitals outside of the Northwestern system.

How can I get more information?

To get more information about CLD, please e-mail solvable@northwestern.edu

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